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Why create a video?

The times when people made videos for their sites just for the sake of it are over. When was the last time you bought something, or ordered a service from a company based on a 7-minute video of their CEO talking about their revenues, bright offices and great team?

Such videos are a waste of time, energy and opportunity. Create an emotional response instead. Tell a story. Educate or amaze your viewers. Share your knowledge. Give them a reason to remember you.

1. Videos don’t need to be complex or expensive to tell a good story and create that all-important emotional response. A good three-minute video can be filmed in one day – often just a few hours. And in most cases it won’t blow your budget either.

2. People who watch a video online are more likely to remember a site, make an enquiry or a purchase.

3. People share visual content via social media. Videos – from good promos to informative how-to videos and awesome documentaries – are easier to digest than long articles.

4. YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any other TV network. How’s that for large-scale distribution?

5. They help with your SEO. Relevant videos often appear high on Google’s search results pages. They can be more efficient at driving traffic to your site than traditional SEO methods.

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