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About Meehow Films

Meehow Films creates emotive, human videos.

Everyone has a story. Even brands and businesses. People love stories. And we love telling them. We work with brands, content creators, startups and charities to help them reach or retain customers by creating an emotional engagement through beautifully crafted and told visual stories.

Meehow Media combines the art of storytelling with marketing and is a cross between an agency and a production company.

We can guide you through the process by helping you define your needs and goals, and by translating them into specific suggestions and video proposals.

We then take them and turn into beautifully crafted visual stories, using a variety of approaches and formats.

Who is Meehow Films?

Meehow was founded by Michal Dzierza, London-based film director, former senior editorial director and journalist. With almost 20 years of experience at companies like the BBC, News UK and Orange, Michal (pronounced [‘meehow] – hence the name ) knows instinctively how to find the best angle for each story. He  has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and publishers to help them create great content across a variety of platforms.

We work primarily in London and the south-east, but if you’re not London-based, don’t let that stop you from dropping us an email. Read why you should work with us.


Meehow Films is the trading name of Meehow Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales (Company reg number 08853484)

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