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Short films about London

Short films about London

If you live or work in London, you probably love and hate pretty much the same things as everyone else who has to commute, put up with tube delays, property prices and slow-walking people.

Those ‘loves’ and ‘hates are perfectly captured in a series of one-minute videos produced by Meehow’s own director, Michal who last year started the Love/Hate/London project.

Each video is only one minute long (or thereabouts) and asks two simple questions: what do you love and what do you hate about London?

Each film is a standalone piece featuring one Londoner who praises the capital’s delights – from the architecture to the people and the unique experiences London has to offer – and complains about the one thing they hate. And it’s fascinating to hear what people dislike about London.

All films are optimised for social and live on a dedicated Facebook page as well as on Instagram. So head over there to browse though the series (new episodes are added all the time).

This is also a perfect example of what can be created for social in a relatively short space of time with limited resources – but without compromising either on quality or the storytelling aspect of the project.

Here are some of the recent videos in the series: