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Short London Instagram films, part 1

Short London Instagram films, part 1

Oh, aren’t we filmmakers spoilt for choice these days when it comes to ways of sharing our content? From YouTube to Facebook, from Snapchat to Instagram, there’s a myriad of way in which to reach a new audience.

For a while now I’ve been uploading some short clips, mainly of or inspired by London, to a new Instagram account, Ldn Shorts. These are very short pieces, usually not much longer than 15-30 seconds.

I use a variety of cameras to capture and share these – from my iPhone to more professional cameras, but the idea is to have some fun and perhaps capture a lovely London moment, something visually arresting, sometimes mundane, but comfortingly familiar.

Here are a few of my favourites from the past few months (and while you’re there, why not follow https://www.instagram.com/ldnshorts/)

This is what London looks like on a cold, winter evening from the top of Tate Modern:

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Sunsets, eh? Always romantic, even in Brixton:

Looks like we have a theme here, but it’s not all about sunny evenings, promise!

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Also, it’s not always all about London. Sometimes it’s also about chasing the sun somewhere different…

Next time I’ll share some of the more experimental London stuff.