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How to improve your video’s SEO rankings (and YouTube positioning)

Brian Dean is a genius. His YouTube channel, full of useful videos, didn’t perform well despite all the ‘right’ things he did to make his video stand out.

Brian started testing other approaches to see what really and genuinely works. And the results are pretty impressive. At the time of writing his ‘Video SEO’ clip (see below) outranks and outperforms every other video on this subject despite being just 2 months old. (Which might also be a testament to the fact SEO advice changes all the time and other, 4-year old videos on that subject might not be that relevant).

So what should you do – now that you’ve spent time and money crafting your perfect video – to make it work for you? Here’s Brian:

In summary, Brian suggests the following:

  1. Create and publish long videos to increase their total watch time.
  2. Work on your hook (in other words, optimise the initial 15 seconds of the video – something we at Meehow Films also strongly believe in; if you can’t get people’s attention in the first 10-15 seconds, you’ve lost them).
  3. The basic stuff: put your exact keyword in the title.
  4. Make sure your keyword is actually used in the video itself!
  5. Don’t forget about engagement – comments, likes, shares…
  6. Optimise your click-through rate.