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Video marketing is growing. Fast.

Video marketing is growing. Fast.

I came across this piece on Mediapost, quoting a research by an “animated explainer video company” into companies’ video marketing habits.

For me there are two main takeaways from the report:

  1. The number of businesses recognising the value and power of video as a marketing tool has grown exponentially over the past two years.

Mediapost quotes two figures that really stuck with me. 61% or all surveyed business claim they use video as a marketing tool. 66% – that’s two-thirds – didn’t do it a year earlier. That’s a phenomenal jump! And again two-thirds of those who do video want to spend more on video production this year, which clearly shows they see where the ROI is or at least are willing to experiment and see.

88% of businesses say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy, and 76% of businesses that use video believe that it provides a good ROI, while 93% of businesses who use video believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service

says Mediapost, quoting the survey.

Which brings me to the second main takeaway:

2. Very few people don’t see the value of having a video made for their business.

According to the report, 12% of those who don’t bother with video claim they don’t see a clear ROI, while 9% say they’re unable to convince the decision maker in their business that video is a worthwhile investment. The last statement may also explain the fact that 15% say they don’t use video now because it’s too expensive.

I’ve heard that so many times, and yet it’s not necessarily true. Not every video requires a crew of 5, 2 weeks of planning and 3 weeks of production. Many can be done – and that’s how Meehow Media operates – within a few days and can be easily tailored to a client’s budget.

Those with extremely limited budgets can still produce video in-house and there are numerous ways of doing that without compromising the quality or indeed the message.

So if you need to discuss your video marketing needs, get in touch – hello@meehow.co.uk – and let us guide you through the process.