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What’s weight loss got to do with telecomms?

Telus is a Canadian telecommunications company. Their equivalent of BT. They provide internet access, voice and video services and a whole range of other services.

And they released a short, 2-minute video about a young man who, to change his unhealthy habits, starts walking daily. Then he starts training as well. His transformation is amazing.

But then he also starts doing something else (and you’ll need to watch the video to find out what) – and that’s the real emotional twist that makes this video so human.

And that is exactly its point – to show an emotional journey, to tell an inspirational and uplifting story without any mention of the brand. The only subtle link to the brand is a short glimpse of a smartphone and a health tracking device.

This is a lovely example of branded content that resonates with the audiences.

Let’s make more films like that!