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Squatty Potty is the new $1 Shave Club

Squatty Potty is the new $1 Shave Club

Old Spice and $1 Shave Club – move over. There’s a new viral in town.

In the last 12 hours I’ve seen this video pop up everywhere on Facebook and Twitter. And at the time of writing it’s been watched 1.9 million times on YouTube – and that’s within five days of being uploaded. What is it?

It’s the latest viral sensation, an advert for a product called Squatty Potty (yes, it’s real).

If you haven’t watched it, here it is:

Oh boy.

Now at least three things make it so popular:

1. The absurdity of the concept – a cute unicorn producing rainbow-coloured ice-cream. With glitter when it’s constipated. 10 on the absurdity/hilarity scale. People love it when absurdity is boldly executed – and this one is.

2. It’s educational – it’s an ad that also educates. And it actually does a great job.

3. It appeals to popular culture. The unicorn. the Knight, The rainbows. Children eating ice-cream. Pooping. No wonder it went viral.