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Things to include in your video content marketing

Things to include in your video content marketing

There seems to be a number of elements in each video content marketing strategy that are non-negotiable. They may vary slightly depending on your strategy and desired outcome, but they should always be present.

We’ve had a few posts about video content strategy on Meehow Media, but I’ve just come across this recent Forbes article called 5 Things Your Video Marketing Strategy Should Include.

I encourage you to read the whole piece, but here are the main takeaways:

1. Publishing Schedule. Perhaps not THE most important thing, but nevertheless absolutely crucial if you’re creating video content for your social media channels.

2. Short-form videos. You don’t need to produce long documentaries each time. If fact, you probably shouldn’t. Start with 6-second videos. (Or read our previous post for more short-form video tips).

3. Tutorials and tips. For many companies, this should be their staple content. Think how many things you could show, teach or explain in, say, one minute. Can you do 10? Good. Now think how to turn them into a video.

4. Customer-generated content. Involving your customers can produce great results. Forbes claims that the best thing about customer-generated content is that it will show other people’s passion for your product. And that cannot be underestimated.

5. Call to action. You created a video, people have watched it, now what? Do you want them to buy something? Call you? Share it? Tell them!

Here’s our call to action: email us if you need help with your video content marketing strategy or campaign. See? Simple.