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Musicless videos

We all know – or at least should know – how important audio is in video production.

It enhances the visuals, provides and often manipulates the emotions and makes our films complete. Just watch any film with the audio turned off and see the difference.

In music videos it’s the music that makes the videos. Obviously. So how would a music video change if we removed the music and left – or added – sound effects to each shot to make it, well, literal?

YouTube is full of such videos, College Humour started the trend a few years ago, but musicless videos seem do be the new cat videos. The more recent additions have gone viral, with some getting over 3 million views.

Still not sure what we’re talking about?

Well, here’s a squeaky Britney:

And The Prodigy, sneezing:

Or, and then there’s Miley: