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Company Culture video – how to do it

Company Culture video – how to do it

One of the most common ways of showcasing your company or brand is a ‘company culture’ video. These can be placed on your website – homepage or the About Us page – or shared via social media to attract new talent and show what your company has to offer.

Such a video can be extremely powerful as creating the right company culture, sharing and cultivating your core values makes you more attractive not only to your employees (or potential employees), but also to your potential business partners.

And video seems to be the right medium for sharing your company’s culture. More and more companies understand that and invest in short, vibrant videos that give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like working inside your company.

Many tech companies – from Apple to Google and Zappos – have created such videos. They often go viral and these companies keep producing or updating these videos as they grow. But obviously company culture videos are not limited just to famous tech or retail companies.

To create a good company culture video you need three main ingredients:

1. Show or talk about something the viewer can relate to or want to aspire to. Do you have a flexible working environment? Do you support charitable causes? Are people in your office keen to lunch together? Is your company proud of its core values that set it apart from the rest?

2. Use your workforce. Don’t limit it to just one person from HR. Actually, don’t even touch HR. Just use those who work and breathe your brand to be your ambassadors.

3. Make it dynamic. You have 2-3 minutes, use that time wisely. Focus on people, emotions and stories, not on buildings or irrelevant technical details.

Recently we worked with Orange Labs UK to create their new company culture video for their newly relaunched homepage.

Orange wanted a 3-minute video focusing on its multi-national, collaborative, innovative and dynamic environment. The video was launched this week and here is the result:


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