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What’s inside your popcorn?

Who said educational and how-to videos must be boring and/or long? NPR has been releasing some really cool, really nicely made, and more importantly, informative videos and here’s one of them.

Often they produce just short dispatches (after all, NPR is America’s largest not-for-profit radio network) , but some, like the one below, are lovely, self-contained videos exploring or explaining, some more or less known facts.

The video below, shot mostly using a Canon 5D Make II DSLR (and a Sony FS700 for the slow-motion sequence) is a prime example of how entertaining and cost-efficient an educational  (or a how-to) video can be. There’s a lot of information in that 90-second clip.

And it’s all about popcorn. Come on, you always wanted to know how it’s made and why it pops. Here’s the answer: