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Video spotlight: Selfie

If you watched the Oscars last night – or even if you didn’t – you probably know that Ellen Degeneres who hosted the ceremony took a selfie with a bunch of Hollywood’s A-listers. The image quickly became the most retweeted selfie on the planet.

She took the concept of a selfie to a whole new level. But selfies have been used for promotional purposes very often. We’ve all got used to selfies so much in fact that Oxford Dictionaries named ‘selfie’ as the word of 2013.

Here’s another, very smart idea focused on the concept of a self-taken photograph. This time however, it’s about selfies featuring people whose idea of beauty has very likely been skewed by Hollywood and glossy magazines. It’s a video by Dove, called Selfie. A very smart move by Dove, combining great video storytelling with content marketing and, more importantly, a great social campaign.

The video encourages women of all ages and shapes to redefine what ‘beauty’ means using their mobiles. It’s another really good example of a video with a strong emotional punch and a genuine feel to it. Over 4.5 million views on YouTube and counting.