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Creative types: Being a Cartoonist

Creative types: Being a Cartoonist


Every now and then it’s good to do something simple and inspiring. And we’re hoping this video is both.

Just before Christmas last year I visited Dave Walker, a cartoonist, in his “office” in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. Dave had just moved to this cosy little room in a church there – a perfect setting for his church and cycling cartoons.

Dave started drawing when still at uni. His uni friends really loved what he was doing, so he decided to turn it into his career. He now supplies weekly cartoons to a religious publication, but also publishes them on his Cartoon Church and Cycling Cartoons sites, as well as his personal site. And judging by how popular he is on Twitter and  Facebook, people love his work.

People also loved this video. Within the first 48 hours it was viewed almost 1200 times. Here’s why I think it worked:

  1. Authenticity. Dave has a real talent, but is really humble about it. He’s not trying to sell anything or pretend he’s someone else – and viewers really value that.
  2. Simplicity. The story is simple, so I kept the video simple too. No gimmicks, tricks or extra padding to make it look more appealing. The content speaks for itself and that’s enough.
  3. Uniqueness. Come on, how many church and bicycle cartoonist have you met in your life?
  4. Great production values. Regardless of the subject matter or the purpose or complexity of the video, I’m always careful about every aspect of the final product. Always.

It’s not my first video in my occasional ‘Creative types’ series, and definitely not the last. I love finding interesting people with great stories to tell – and it seems viewers are always hungry for more.

So if you haven’t watched the video yet – here it is. Enjoy Dave’s little cartoon people and discover what a cassock really is for…