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How we consume video online

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Individual YouTube channels have thousands and in many cases millions of subscribers

The most recent research from Yahoo! Advertising seems to confirm what we all knew – or at least suspected. The online video ‘revolution’ is still in its infancy and we are likely to consume even more video online over the next few years.

We already consume a lot across a multitude of platforms and devices. Yahoo!’s Edwin Wong, Senior Director of B2B Strategic Research and Insights, claims in his presentation that almost half of all online users watch video several times a day on different devices. That’s a lot of video content and even without a more detailed breakdown, we can assume that it’s not just one type of video that’s being consumed. In other words, it’s not just – say – high-budget Hollywood productions on Netflix.

It’s probably a more varied mix of news, UGC clips, content marketing videos, music, etc.

Another key takeaway is this: 92% [of online video watchers] feed their habit on dedicated video sites. That means that if you are producing content for your website and not sharing it on video sites like YouTube or Vimeo, you are missing out on a huge number of viewers. Moreover, 68% access videos on social channels. Which again means that if you’re producing some video, but not sharing it beyond the primary destination (like your main site), you are missing out too.

And if you are an advertiser, the research has some pretty interesting insights for you too. See here for more details.

But the main question is: are you producing video content at all? What’s your answer?