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Because who is perfect?

Image copyright: Pro Infirmis

Image copyright: Pro Infirmis

Video is one of the most commonly used tools in social awareness campaigns worldwide. From anti-smoking ads to minority awareness campaigns.

Some are hard-hitting, others gentle and more reliant on creating a positive reaction. All of them almost always try to create an emotional response. Images, slogans and even articles are all great at creating that response, but video can be really useful when you also want to tell a bigger story, show a wider context or simply reach different audiences across different platforms.

Here’s an example from Switzerland. Pro Infirmis is an organisation set up to enable theĀ participation of people with disabilities in social and democratic life. It wants to eliminate discrimination and exclusion of people with disabilities.

Pro Infirmis created this film, in which traditional, “ideal look” shop mannequins are redesigned, based on some real-life ‘models’ with a range of disabilities. Then the new mannequins are put on display in a shop window in Zurich.

When you watch the video pay attention to the range of emotions that go through your head during those 4 minutes.

I know what went through mine.